The concept 

Energy Healing & Yin Yoga, combined within one class, is a new form of Yoga naturally created in 2020 by Henny Abdel Malek – Verboom and Aaike Cools in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This form of Yoga always starts with a meditation using a technique that gets you quickly from your head to your heart, also entering your subconscious level. This part is key as it leads you to a state where you can receive the benefits of this class at the deepest levels possible.


From this, the Yin Yoga part will kick off, which:

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

  • Calms the mind

  • Improves sleep

  • Releases stored emotions

  • Makes you shift into the rest and digest part of your nervous system

  • Releases energy blockages

  • Increases flow of energy

  • Balances internal organs

  • Increases circulation, flexibility and joint mobility

  • Releases tension in your deep connective tissues and fascia


During class, there will be an Energy Healer who is continuously working on cleaning, aligning and balancing your internal and external energy system, incl. refreshing the energy in the room. This can be seen as adding a multiplier to the above benefits, all being achieved within the same time as a regular yoga class. 


The class takes about 1,5 to 2 hours and will not allow for more than 20 participants. If there are more participants, an extra Energy Healer (hand-picked) will be added to class to assure sufficient individual healing attention.

We've included an impression below. As you can see, there will be no touching off the body involved.

Finally, the location where the class will be given is hand picked based on its energy, look & feel and will always be energetically prepared and cleaned before the class will start.


The price is €35,- incl. VAT (the average price for a yoga class is €15 and for a personal healing session €80 - €100). 


Please note that 10% of our turnover always goes to The Tiny Miracles Foundation.